Christopher Hitchens - The Best of the Hitchslap ONE

The original poster JediJesseS writes:
"Christopher Hitchens at his finest - some of my favorite moments by the writer who has inspired the ideals of skepticism, free inquiry, and rational thought in so many. I believe Hitchslap is now the proper term for the unflinching intellectual prowess displayed in these exchanges."

/Here dies Hitchens (dec 2011) A small gap and the poster gets a little sobby...oki doki...small crush.../

Mr. Hitchens, your contributions to the struggle for liberty, equality, rationality, and freedom will never be forgotten. Your forcefulness, wit, and intelligence gave me the strength and courage to argue for these ideals in my own life. That you have done the same for so many is your great and immortal contribution to mankind. These seemingly small victories are what change the world; one action, one mind at a time, until the tide cannot be held back any longer. Your actions and words have moved us ever closer to that point."

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