först sjunger människan

fram världen

sedan pratar hon bort den

för i en avlägsen framtid

kommer det sista regnet falla

och inte ens kärlek

fann jag pladdrar

helst bort allt verkar

okär men bla bla bland annat

ska jag hämta

kaffe se våren komma

punkt komma komma

punkt komma




lördag, den 7 maj 2011


Bada så kul å 

sol i sinnet barndomsminnet

kröka så sakta - 

akta akta!!




vi får tystnaden

att andas och

du vet ensamheten

mitt i festen har

aldrig mått så här 

bra lugn bara lugn

-som en filbunke-

sa morfar


vi får tystnaden

att andas och

du vet festen

mitt i ensamheten har

aldrig mått så här 

bra lugn bara lugn

-som en filbunke

sa morfar

som en filbunke



Vår samtid far

mycket hårt fram

med de

fattiga och svaga

-ingen ens beklagar.

man hatar dom istället kallar

dom parasiter fuskare

för att

dom finns eftersom de

sänker värdet på det egna


tror man


det går inte att

jämföra lidande

kvantitativt eller

kvalivativt på nån slags


fast vår tids

störda vikter och balanser

avkrävs just detta och

endast detta vilket gör en färsk

kanelbulle i soporna sämre än

matförgiftning på krogen

och så här missförståndas allt

vår samtid far

mycket hårt fram

med de

fattiga och svaga

-ingen ens beklagar.


jim björklund - söndag, den 14 mars 2010

10 Totally Random Interesting Facts

10 Totally Random But Interesting Facts[Source: Today I Found Out]

10 Totally Random Facts Part-2

10 Totally Random Facts Part-2[Source: Today I Found Out]

10 Bizarre Facts- Part 2

10 Bizarre Facts- Part 2[Source: Today I Found Out]

10 Bizarre Facts

10 Bizarre Facts Infographic[Source: Today I Found Out]


Sebastião Salgado - The silent drama of photography

Economics PhD Sebastião Salgado only took up photography in his 30s, but the discipline became an obsession. His years-long projects beautifully capture the human side of a global story that all too often involves death, destruction or decay. Here, he tells a deeply personal story of the craft that nearly killed him, and shows breathtaking images from his latest work, Genesis, which documents the world's forgotten people and places.

Even Stevphen Islam vs Christianity

A funny, old bit from The Daily Show

Krishnamurti - The Real Revolution - Part 1 of 2

Krishnamurti - The Real Revolution - Part 2 of 2

TEDxGöteborg - Oskar Laring - Whats is Happening Around the World

There is something going on in the world right now. Hundreds of thousands of people around us gathering and demonstrates. Oskar is studying political science and cultural geography at the University of Gothenburg and will talk about what is really happening around the world at the moment.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TED has created a program called TEDx. TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.Our event is called TEDxGöteborg, where x = independently organized TED event. At our TEDxGöteborg event, TEDTalks video and live speakers will combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events, including ours, are self-organized.

Teddy Has An Operation - weird


Well, this is pleasant…for about 30 seconds. And then…

Civil War Photographs From the Grisly American Conflict

It isn't possible to tell the story of the American Civil War without recourse to the million photographic images that were created.

Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/1045Tyn
Please visit http://nyti.ms/12vTEGH in order to embed this video

Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n
NYT on Google Plus: http://bit.ly/WnAshF

Watch more videos at: http://nytimes.com/video
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Comedians Of Comedy Interview At Amoeba Music

* Part l: Touring
* Part ll: Personal Projects
* Part III: Comic Books
* Part lV: More Comedians

James Watt's Workshop

When asked who the most influential British inventor ever was a lot of people will answer with a 
single name – James Watt.  After all, his steam condenser did, effectively, kick start the Industrial Revolution. When he died in 1819 his workshop near Birmingham (the one in the United Kingdom) was preserved and this legendary magical retreat became a magnet for pilgrims.

However, the house in which his attic study was situated became due for demolition ninety years ago.  Fortunately the Science Museum stepped in and bought the workshop in its entirety – over 8,000 pieces.  Now they have restored it and it has taken pride of place in the museum. It is hoped that a new generation of inventors will be inspired by his visions – of a machine that could copy sculptures and another that could copy letters as well as by the sheer ambience of his workplace.

The exhibition, Head Room, opened on March 23 (more details here) but you may not, however, be able to get to London any time soon.  So, the Science Museum has enlisted the help of animator and artist Leo Bridle. Bridle was asked to take in the vast amount of artifacts left behind by Watt and to give an artist’s reaction to this amazing collection.  This glorious animation is what he made of the 8430 objects that make up the new exhibition.  Although you can see it in situ, the Science Museum has kindly released it on to the interweb so that those who cannot be there can enjoy the artist’s response to the inventor’s retreat.


Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense

This demo -- from Pattie Maes' lab at MIT, spearheaded by Pranav Mistry -- was the buzz of TED. It's a wearable device with a projector that paves the way for profound interaction with our environment. Imagine "Minority Report" and then some.
At the MIT Media Lab's new Fluid Interfaces Group, Pattie Maes researches the tools we use to work with information and connect with one another. Full bio »
Pranav Mistry is the inventor of SixthSense, a wearable device that enables new interactions between the real world and the world of data. Full bio »


The Beatles Argument | cdza Opus No. 19

Anger, frustration, forgiveness, revenge: communicated in 17 Beatles songs.

Starring Tess Soltau and Ryan Melia

Featuring The BritPack, a NYC-based band that plays epic British Classics



Just for Laughs - Maria Bamford - Patrice O'Neal

Just for Laughs - Maria Bamford - Patrice O'Neal


- Free Speech Show - 

-  Predictions for the Next Century -

 - Television Pilot- 

Videotaped in December 1998

The Free Speech Show is a comedy/talk format program hosted by Bill Bronner. Each show focuses on a specific topic. Comedians take turns delivering a monologue on the topic followed by a panel discussion.

Comedy Nation
Host: Bill Bronner
Performer: Warren Thomas
Performer: Rick Overton

Performer: Maria Bamford

Performer: Patton Oswalt

Performer: Peter Spruyt
Executive Producer: Fred Joyal
Director: Eric Swanson
Producer: January Thomas
Technical Director: Dave Plunkett



The Danish Poet

I am thrilled to little pieces to be able to share The Danish Poet with you.  Created in a 2006 this animated short film was written, directed, and animated by Torill Kove and narrated by Liv Ullmann.

This delightful animated film focuses on Kasper Jørgensen a sad and lonely Danish poet in the 1940s.  His psychiatrist suggests that he travels on the ferry from Copenhagen to Norway to meet his favorite author, Sigrid Undset.

He agrees but gets waylaid by the Norwegian weather and takes refuge at a farm where he meets Ingeborg, the farmer’s daughter.

The two fall in love but fate gets in the way.  How Kasper and Ingeborg finally get together is something, I think, for you to discover for yourself but (without spoiling any surprise) it is more than their own fates that are at stake here.

The Danish Poet is a co-production of the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) and 

Mikrofilm AS 

of Norway, it has won both the Academy Award (the Oscar!) and Genie Award for best animated short film in 2006.

Is it possible to trace the chain of events that led to our own birth? Is our existence just coincidence? Do little things matter?
In The Danish Poet the narrator ponders these question as we embark on a holiday to Norway with Kaspar, a poet whose creative well has run dry.

The Danish Poet received the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 2007!

Norwegian Title: Den danske dikteren
Director: Torill Kove
Screenplay: Torill Kove
Producer: Lise Fearnley, Mikrofilm
Co-production: Marcy Page, The National Film Board of Canada
Animation team: Astrid Aakra, Torill Kove, Bjarte Agdestein, Stephanie Duong, Yin Ko Lee, Siv Nordsveen, Anja Ruud, Helene Bisgaard, Morten Nyutstumo,Magnhild Winsnes, Randall Finnerty, Anne Ashton, Annely Põldsaar, Linn Høyer-Pedersen, Ketil Bruun Andersen, Yin Ko Lee, Neerajkumar Patel, Jason Smalridge, Jason Smalridge, Martin Ciastko, Sue Gourley
Narrator: Liv Ullmann
Sound design: Håkon Lammetun, Lydhodene AS
Music: Kevin Dean
Editing: Phyllis Lewis


Patton Oswalt - My Weakness is Strong

Patton Oswalt's 2009 Stand-Up - My Weakness is Strong!

Forget that it opens with a sweet story about getting an "I Love You" text from the Wife; it doesn't take long for 'My Weakness Is Strong' to get to one of those great, gross, and strange Patton Oswalt lines, which in this case is ".. Bring forth my doom spawn from your stink crevice and prove the Gypsy wrong!" 

First Aid Kit på Skavlan - sings 'EMMYLOU'

Our Wedding Song | cdza Opus No. 18

For Valentine's Day, CDZA takes a trip to a Senior Living center to share the stories of four couples and perform the songs they were married to.

Very very special thanks to Whitney Bryant and Brookdale Senior Living -- The Hallmark Battery Park City, New York City.

Download "My Funny Valentine" as performed by cdza for free @






This old early song by me -Jim- illustrates how bad i felt...when...im not sure 2005 or 06 perhaps. I did mean the words -if you are able to understand the harsch vocals- literally...I had this feeling that soon i was gone out of all now livings active memory and...then what...nothing of course, and it wasnt so. 
But what you hear was true then..today i more and more see myself as one of the lucky ones...not sure how...anyways....phuuiiuuu that isolation isnt cramming me now....=D  JimB

Strömstedt och Freud på turné - Terapi från teaterscenen

Show, föreställning eller vad ska man kalla det? Niklas Strömstedt och terapeuten Per Naroskin är inte helt säkra själva, men musik och terapi blir det i en annorlunda mix när de nu möts på teaterscenen. ABC besökte repititionerna som regisseras av Sissela Kyle.

Premiären på Strömstedt och Freud är i Gävle 20 februari och sedan turnérar föreställningen runt i landet. 6 mars spelas den för första gången i Stockholm på Rival.


Eddie Vedder - Society Into the Wild HD

Into the Wild is a 2007 American biographical drama film directed by Sean Penn. It is an adaptation of the 1996 non-fiction book of the same name by Jon Krakauer based on the travels of Christopher McCandless across North America and his life spent in the Alaskan wilderness in the early 1990s. The film stars Emile Hirsch as McCandless with Marcia Gay Harden andWilliam Hurt as his parents and also features Catherine KeenerVince VaughnKristen Stewart, and Hal Holbrook.
The film premiered during the 2007 Rome Film Fest and later opened outside of Fairbanks, Alaska on September 21, 2007. It was later nominated for two Golden Globes and won the award for Best Original Song "Guaranteed" by Eddie Vedder. It was also nominated for two Academy Awards including Holbrook for Best Supporting Actor.[4]

he film is presented in a nonlinear narrative, jumping back and forth between McCandless's time spent in Alaskan wilderness and his two-year travels leading up to his journey to Alaska. The plot summary here is told in a more chronological order.

In May 1992, Christopher McCandless (Emile Hirsch) arrives in a remote area just north of the Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska and sets up a campsite in an abandoned bus. At first, McCandless is content with the isolation, the beauty of nature around him, and the thrill of living off the land. He hunts wild animals with a .22 caliber rifle, reads books, and keeps a diary of his thoughts as he prepares for himself a new life in the wild.

Two years earlier in May 1990, McCandless graduated with high honors from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Shortly afterwards, McCandless rejects his conventional life by destroying all of his credit cards and identification documents. He donates nearly all of his entire savings of $24,000 to Oxfam and sets out on a cross-country drive in his well-used, but reliable Datsun to experience life in the wilderness. However, McCandless does not tell his parents Walt (William Hurt) and Billie McCandless (Marcia Gay Harden) nor his sister Carine (Jena Malone) what he is doing or where he is going, and refuses to keep in touch with them after his departure, leaving them to become increasingly anxious and eventually desperate.

At Lake MeadArizona, McCandless' car is caught in a flash flood causing him to abandon it and begin hitchhiking instead. He burns what remains of his dwindling cash supply and assumes a new name: "Alexander Supertramp." In Northern California, McCandless encounters a hippie couple named Jan Burres (Catherine Keener) and Rainey (Brian H. Dierker). Rainey tells McCandless about his failing relationship with Jan, which McCandless would rekindle. By September, McCandless stops in Carthage, South Dakota to work for a contract harvesting company owned by Wayne Westerberg (Vince Vaughn), but he is forced to leave after Westerberg is arrested for satellite piracy.

McCandless then travels to the Colorado River and, though told by park rangers that he may not kayak down the river without a license, ignores their warnings and paddles downriver until he eventually arrives in Mexico. There, his kayak is lost in a dust storm and he crosses back into the United States on foot. Unable to hitchhike, he starts traveling on freight trains to Los Angeles, California. Not long after arriving, however, he starts feeling "corrupted" by modern civilization and decides to leave. Later, McCandless is forced to switch his traveling method back to hitchhiking after he is beaten by the railroad police.

In December 1991, McCandless arrives at Slab City in the Imperial Valley region of California, and encounters Jan and Rainey again. There, he meets Tracy Tatro (Kristen Stewart), a teenage girl who shows interest in McCandless, but he rejects her because she is underage. After the holidays, McCandless decides to continue heading for Alaska, much to everyone's sadness. While camping near Salton City, California, McCandless encounters Ron Franz (Hal Holbrook), a retired man who recounts the story of the loss of his family in a car accident while he was serving in the United States Army. He now occupies his time in a workshop as an amateur leather worker. Franz teaches McCandless the craft of leatherwork, resulting in the making of a belt that details McCandless' travels. After spending several months with Franz, McCandless decides to leave for Alaska despite this upsetting Franz, who has become quite close to McCandless. On a parting note, Franz gives McCandless his old camping and travel gear along with the offer to adopt him as his grandchild, but McCandless simply tells him that they should discuss this after he returns from Alaska; then departs.

Four months later at the abandoned bus, life for McCandless becomes harder and he becomes less discerning. As his supplies begin to run out, he realizes that nature is also harsh and uncaring. In the pain of realization, McCandless concludes that true happiness can only be found when shared with others and seeks to return from the wild to his friends and family. However, he finds that the stream he had crossed during the winter has become wide, deep, and violent due to the thaw, and he is unable to cross. Saddened, he returns to the bus, now as a prisoner who is no longer in control of his fate and can only hope for help from the outside. In a desperate act, McCandless is forced to gather and eat roots and plants, but he confuses similar plants and eats a poisonous one, thus as a result falls sick. Slowly dying, he continues to document his process of self-realization and accepts his fate, as he imagines his family for one last time. He writes a farewell to the world and crawls into his sleeping bag to die. Two weeks later, his body is found by moose hunters. Shortly afterwards, Carine returns her brother's ashes by airplane from Alaska to Virginia in her backpack.

Kurt Weil - Lotte Lenya - September Song

September Song

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"September Song" is an American pop standard composed by Kurt Weill
with lyric by Maxwell Anderson, introduced by Walter Huston in the 1938 Broadway musical 
It has since been recorded by numerous singers and instrumentalists. 
It was also used in the 1950 film S
and for the credits in the television series 
(a quote from the opening line of the song).

Nick Cave - Tributes - Mack The Knife

Tom Waits - Kurt Weil - What Keeps Mankind Alive

Television - Little Johnny Jewel, Live '78

A standout track from The Blow Up, a '78 live show released as an official release cassette on the ROIR label in the early '80s, followed by an unauthorized CD. Previously, vinyl LP & cassette bootlegs of the show had circulated. It's a recording of a March 20, 1978 Television show at the Long Island, NY club "My Father's Place". 

Discography trivia: I've seen "The Blow Up" sometimes described as a compilation of songs from various '78 shows, but my impression of its origin's different. 'Cause, when The Blow Up first came out on cassette, I was sure (was I mistaken?) the whole tape was identical to a bootleg cassette I already had of one specific '78 show from My Father's Place club, except The Blow Up inexplicably left out the song "Poor Circulation" the bootleg tape included. 

More trivia: A small section of the song never got recorded, as the audience member taping it had to change cassettes before the song ended. Can you hear where Tom's solo near the end stops abruptly, & then they're already into the last section of the song? It was more noticeable on cassette bootleg circulated in the late '70s, as a short, silent gap was left on the bootleg tape versions. By the time it was issued on The Blow Up, they'd edited it together tidily.

Feb. 2012 Update: For those interested in old/rare Television/Tom V. articles, here's a link to a file I uploaded of scans of approx. 60 articles/interviews (most contain interview content):


I collected them between 1978 & 1990, & the articles date from '74 to '90. The Wonder fan site has an excellent articles collection (mostly text files), but many of my articles aren't yet available there. I finally got around to digitizing mine & making them available to other fans to download. Also, here's a link to a file of scans of my copy of book "The Night", a poetry book(let) by Tom Verlaine & Patti Smith, published 1976: 


Mark Knopfler AND Emmy lou Harris - I Dug up a Diamond

Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris performing live during their tour 'All the roadrunning'. 


Universal Newsreel December 10, 1945 - Christmas/Eisenhower/Stilwell/War Relief/Aviation - 1945


A Universal Newsreel from December 10, 1945 featuring a Christmas report and Dwight Eisenhower.



► Christmas Brings Joy To Everyone
► Gen. "Ike" New Chief of Staff
► Gen. Stilwell Gives DSC To Hero's Sister
► Archbishop Speaks For War Relief
► Aviation In The News

• DATE • December 10, 1945