Job titles yet to be created and me being a depressed nut job WITH GIFs

I traded in my hope for a hangover and a headache

I’m contemplating rope but can’t tie knots that great

-Isnt competition a drag….?

-no no no its life….freedom…almost love and existence

-ok…and hows that going…?-really?

Job titles yet to be created to force us turning the money wheel…


Dynamic Atomic Trust Tenderizer

Theoretical Harness Sneller

Product Ophthalmic Buzzsaw Candler

Refrigerator Hackler

Central Tumbling Capsule Taper

Thermal Kiln Crystallographer

Product Vertical Car-Wash Transcriber

Human Boilermaking Package Butcher

Senior Religious Trip Optometrist

Beaming Pack-Room Beveler

Senior Ticketing Coloring Coverer

Central Checkroom Janitor

Psychic Ventilation Milker

Overhead Fun-House Bottomer

Investor Photographic Fur Layer

Government Internist

Global Tub Grainer

Billposting Plywood Judge

Window-Shade Distributor

Direct Booking Flight-Test Tester

Lead Auxiliary Steam Cataloger

Lead Filter Driver

Clip-On Buckle Drifter

Legacy Burning Wool Reducer


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